QamSoft Technologies is an emerging software developement organization, working on Innovative Ideas, providing its services (Trainings, Solutions & Consultancy) on the concept of "Bridging the Gaps of Knowledge", which can be seen in the following domains:
  • As University Courses don't meet Industry Requirements, so industry don't accept fresh graduates. We provide our Training Services to bridge this Gap
  • Our country is too behind from other nations in the adaptability of Software Technology due to ignorance & high costs of softwares, so our Solutions Services are there to provide Quality Software Solutions at lower Prices
  • Software Industry is always in the process to adopt newer technologies & best practices, so we provide our Consultancy Services to Software Industries for adopting latest technologies & best practices in a shorter time

Who We Are?

QamSoft Technologies (QST) was founded in 2009 on the principle of applying the latest technologies to implement innovative ideas. QST is currently working on two domains i.e. Professional Trainings & Software Development regarding Local Market.

What We Offer in Trainings?
We offer a complete track of "Project based Professional IT Training Courses" , which can lead a student to join any of the following paths
  • To join the fast-growing Innovative Software Industry
  • To improve his/her job position & Title in the Software Industry
  • To start a part-time Free Lancing Software Business in Software Development
  • To Start a full-time business of Software Development for Local & Foreign Projects

What we Offer in Software Products?
We are offering our products in the Business & Academics domains. Soon we would offer our products in Medical Domain as well. Currently our following products are in the market
  • Time & Attendance System
  • Purchase Management System
  • Inquiry Managment System
  • Point Of Sale System